Noble Collection Newt Scamander [00106040] - €18.92 : Poupées mannequins et accessoires, Chaussures femme, Toilette de Bébé, Ameublement et décoration, Soutiens-gorge classiques, Hobbies, Figurines -

Noble Collection Newt Scamander


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Echelle 1/1
Environ 35 cm
Fonctionne avec 2 piles AAA non incluses

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Newton Scamander's Illuminating wand was of unknown length. made of lime. and contained elements of bone core. along with shell which was placed in the end of the wand. It has something carved into the end that slips into his hand when he holds itReplica wand from Noble Collection based on the new film Fantastc Beasts And Where To Find Them